Return Policy:


  1. If you are for any reason dissatisfied with an item purchased from our Online Store, you may return it to any Van Heerden Pharmacy for a full refund, replacement or exchange, provided you have the original tax invoice, and items are returned within 6 (six) months of purchase, provided that the product has not expired within such time.

  2. For the purpose of hygiene earrings, shaving blades& surgical items may not be returned or exchanged.

  3. We do not guarantee that you will be automatically refunded. The decision to refund is solely at the discretion of the manager of the store where you return the product and upon inspection of the condition of the item returned.

  4. We reserve the rightto refund the Customer by any appropriate means including cash, a gift card (electronic or otherwise) or by crediting the relevant customer account or applicable credit or debit card.

  5. Please note that Van Heerden Pharmacies will not accept any returns if the product packaging has been compromised in any way, if the hygiene has been compromised or the quality of the product been compromised because of incorrect storage conditions.